The Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm has been rated online as the one of the top Secondary or Sidearm Nerf guns by customers. It is actually one of the best selling Nerf Guns in existence. One of the reasons for such high reviews is a new feature named the Slam Fire Slide which is a unique addition to this weapon.

The Slam fire Slide is an neat concept and you will never get tired of this feature. With an Elite blaster you can shoot your bullets and maintain proper aim and stability because the new Elite blasters come with a new kind of technology which makes handling your nerf gun easy and more comfortable. You can play for long hours because of the ease in which you can use this gun. Before we tried this gun, we had a notion that 50 feet of shooting distance is impressive but we were shocked when we found that this nerf gun can throw the dart at an unbelievable distance of 76 feet. This has awesomeness written all over it. Loading or reloading typically would suck up a lot of time, but not anymore. The Elite strongarm makes it easy to reload with the the auto-rotating barrel which flips open easily when we need fast reloading under fire. With a 5 star online customer rating, the Nerf N-Strike Elite strong-arm  is a product that can make its owner proud.




The Good The Bad
Rapid fire shooting Packaging is average
Slam Fire Rotating round barrel can jam at times
Range around 76 feet
Rotating barrel

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